Holly’s Apron Shoppe was established in 2006 in North Carolina as a “hobby” making aprons for family members. I started sewing when I was sixteen years old, following in my mothers footsteps! She was always sewing , crafting or into some sort of art. In 2007 I began to sell my aprons on Ebay and continued to do so until I found Etsy in 2008 and fell in love with the fact that all of the products were handmade! They also offer a better platform for an artist or craftsman to have a shop and I highly recommend them to anyone considering selling your wares! Between 2009-2012  my mother Mere joined me creating aprons for children which were highly prized and we have a few left in stock! She has since retired and only does “custom” orders now as she is pursuing a career in painting! I try to keep up with the latest fashions with fabrics and colors and we offer worldwide shipping! We offer a 90 day guarantee on all our aprons for defects on the seams and fabric! We offer 100% customer satisfaction!

Please visit our online shop


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